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Adding a touch of color to an event near you

Architectural_Lighting_11Lighting adds romance, it adds style and sophistication. It plays on your senses and draws out emotion. Certainly, this is not your tacky 80s disco club lighting from the past. New advances in technology have allowed the user to create a color canvass out of any room or even outdoor area.

LED fixtures, lasers and projectors now give the experienced use unlimited possibilities to make an ordinary event extraordinary! Not only is lighting a tremendous benefit to create a fantasy atmosphere the day of, photos and video taken from the event with forever jump with life and energy when viewed afterwards. In short, lighting is a must for any event!

Music In Motion now offers architectural uplighting, dance floor lighting, monogram (gobo) lighting, exterior illumination, and even ceiling illumination. With all these options, there is some type of lighting to fit any style and budget. You don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot. Check out Music In Motion’s lighting galleries on our Facebook page.