Connecticut Wedding DJ

Arlene Defeo makes a ceremony beautiful

Arlene_Defeo_39Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.” That is a true statement except for a wedding.  At a wedding, it is how you start. The ceremony is the reason people have a reception in the first place, and if the ceremony is not heartfelt and smooth the reception will have a blemish on it that will be long remembered. That is why Music In Motion brought on our very own staff  Wedding Officiant. Arlene Defeo has been performing beautiful and romantic ceremonies for years. She has the perfect style to make any ceremony a memorable event. Arlene customizes the service from short and sweet, to religious with readings and candle lighting ceremony.

There are many weddings where Alene writes custom programs to match the style and personality of the bride & groom. Her sweet and sensitive approach is always a comfort to a nervous bride. You get the feeling like you knew her all of your life.