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Are Backyard Weddings Less Expensive?


Everyone thinks that because they are having their wedding in a relative’s backyard, that it will be cheaper…right? Not necessarily…Let me continue by saying I am a fan of the backyard wedding. They can be meaningful and elegant, and the best part is you don’t have to be on anyone else’s watch. Have your reception as late as you’d like. BUT…there are certain things that you need to consider…

Think of it this way: yes, you are saving money because you are not having the wedding at a fancy venue, but unless this is a super casual wedding with picnic tables and hotdogs, you are still going to spend a pretty penny on essentials. What if it rains? One can never predict the weather so a large tent is imperative. Where is everyone going to sit? Table and chair rentals are a must. What is everyone going to eat with? I doubt anyone has enough place settings for an entire wedding, so now you are looking at plate, silverware, glassware, and linen rental costs. I’m not trying to scare anyone out of having a backyard wedding…BUT…I AM here to show you how to do it correctly.

First off, many experienced off-site caterers have an established relationship with rental companies and can most likely rent the items you need at a fraction of the cost that you can on your own. If this is not the case, contact your wedding planner and she can probably help you out as well. Like I said, a tent is a must but you need to be sure that there is a flat, open space in the yard that is large enough to put the tent and all the tables and chairs under it.

Next, if you plan to serve alcohol at your wedding, you have to consider insurance, liability, and lots of other legal issues involved in serving alcohol. You’re not having your close friends over for a few drinks, this is a WEDDING. People tend to drink MORE at weddings and who is going to be responsible if GOD FORBID someone gets in the car after leaving YOUR wedding at your parents house and hurts someone because they have been drinking? Make sure that whoever is responsible for serving the alcohol is INSURED. I can’t stress how important this is. You could potentially be sued, along with your parents (or whoever’s home is the setting of the wedding), the wedding planner, the caterer, and any other parties involved.

Finally, an on-site wedding coordinator is a MUST! Who is going to be the one to tell your bridesmaids when to walk down the aisle, do the decorating, keep the flow of the wedding going, and direct your vendors and guests? Your family wants to enjoy this day just as much as you do, so don’t designate them to perform these duties. Leave this one to the pros.

Just a few key points to consider for a backyard wedding…You can make it unique and memorable and work to your advantage with a little help from a wedding planner. :)