Connecticut Wedding DJ

Band or DJ * Why not have BOTH?

Live_Music_4Band or DJ. A classic debate that has raged on for decades. Music In Motion Entertainment is well known for our award winning DJs, ( Award source: The Knot ) but why settle for one option when you can have both? Our live music division features a Jazz Trio which is the perfect compliment to a wedding DJ!  The Jazz group simply takes the first hour of a reception and then our DJ takes over with grand entrance and bridal party introductions.

Music In Motion Entertainment proudly features the Chris Casey Jazz trio. An ultra sophisticated fusion of piano, stand up bass and drums. These guys are very smooth and add a tremendous amount to a social hour. Certainly not your traditional wedding band, the jazz trio takes familiar standards and turns them into a jazz rendition.

We often see the event guests standing near the jazz musicians, just watching. Listening and enjoying the atmosphere. A live jazz group can add so very much to your special event.

Ultimately, it is rare to see a jazz group at a wedding so if your “thing” is to be unique, this is the perfect option for you!