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It’s Beginning to look a lot like……. Bridal Show Season


It’s the Holiday season and it’s beginning to look like…… Bridal Show Season. Did you ever wonder why so many bridal shows are held from January-March? It’s not because the weather is cold and there is nothing else to do. There are so many shows over the winter season because a vast majority of wedding engagements happen in the holiday season period from Christmas – Valentine’s Day. Just a short 2 month period but up to 40% of all guys go down on the knee during this time. As response to the huge infusion of newly engaged couples there are bridal shows just about every week from January deep into March.

Why would a couple currently engaged want to pay attention to this fact? Well, if you figure that the market soon will be flooded with thousands of excited brides ready to grab up all of the wedding professionals available, a couple who is engaged right now may want to consider finishing commitments to their wedding team. In other words, get your vendors ASAP! They soon will be booked up!

The most popular dates continue to be Saturday evenings from May – October but Fridays and Sunday also get booked up. There even has been a trend to have Thursday weddings due to several local wedding venues running great promotional deals!

What bridal show to attend? That’s always a big question and the answer lies directly within your tolerance zone. If you can stomach BIG crowds and tons of vendors then the large EXPO style shows will put you directly in front of an information treasure overload. Just be aware it can be overwhelming! Smaller, boutique style shows have become popular lately and put you in front of fewer vendors but allow for an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. Much better suited for a quality and lengthy conversation.

Also, beware of deals that seem too good to be true. They almost always are! Deals are great, but a deal is only as good as the final product that is delivered to your wedding. A sub-standard service is never worth a dollar saved. Always research a wedding vendor before jumping at a deal. Which is why you may want to consider NEVER booking a service or vendor right on the bridal show floor. Schedule an appointment instead to meet privately and in a one-on-one atmosphere.

Armed with all this knowledge, if you are engaged go out and participate in several bridal shows! It’s all part of the “Getting Married” experience. Besides, there are lots of great cake samples to enjoy!!! YUM………