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Why book a videographer for only half the night?

Video_Man_With_CameraI have seen way too many videographers lately up and leave a wedding right in the middle. This disrupts the flow, and makes the other wedding professionals have to change their own schedule of events to accommodate the early leaving vendor. At a wedding I did recently, the videographer left right after the first dance. As he was leaving, I asked why he was making exit so early and he said that his package expired at the 6 hour mark and this was his end time. Thanks to this, the bride and groom will not have video capture of their parent dances, cake cutting or any of the fabulous dance floor scenes. Seems like such a waste to only book a vendor for 1/2 the time.

Now maybe I just think differently from other people, but would someone sell you a car without a steering wheel or a TV without screen? Why would any wedding professional even let a client book them for an inappropriate amount of time that will only result in an incomplete documentation of the wedding reception? Here’s a crazy idea, how about never offer any wedding package that is incomplete, even at the possible loss of the business. I mean, most brides and grooms who are planning a wedding don’t really know the ins and outs so they might be attracted by the low price, but in the end the bitter disappointment of a poor job resonates above any money saved. In other words, “You get what you pay for people!”

Here’s my advice to any bride and groom planning a wedding. Look at the big picture, and don’t just focus on dollar signs. If your wedding runs to 11:00pm, schedule your team of wedding professionals to the end. You may have to deal with some overtime, but it is worth the extra investment. Why would you not want to get the last dance on video? If a videographer can’t give you a package that will accommodate you to the end of your wedding for the price range you are looking for, either move on to find another professional that will, or don’t do it at all. Why spend 1/2 the money and get only 1/2 the job? It just does not make sense.

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