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Bouquet / Garter – Tradition or Trash?

Garter RemovalDo couples still do the Garter/Bouquet ceremony? Heck yes! It’s been around a long, long time but yet still fulfills major requirements for a wedding reception. The first thing is tradition. Couples LOVE to keep tradition in a modern wedding and this is certainly a tradition which goes back many years. The second thing is FUN. The garter ceremony is and should be fun for all involved. The DJ/MC, if skilled and professional should always keep things clean and avoid putting anyone on the spot.

Here is the anatomy of the routine in a nutshell:

Step 1 * All of the single ladies are called to the dance floor. The bride makes her way out with the toss away bouquet. This is NOT the main bridal bouquet. A florist will almost always include the toss bouquet in with a floral package. The bride will turn her back to the single ladies and 1,2,3. Let it fly! Some lady catches the bouquet and she will be set aside for the next segment.

Step 2 * The bride sits in a chair and the groom makes his way to the dance floor. This segment is greatly enhanced by having all the bridesmaids stand directly behind the bride seated in her chair. Great photo opportunity as the ladies make for a nice background in this routine. The groom gets down on one leg and removes the garter from his bride’s leg.

Step 3 * Now with garter in hand, all of the single gentlemen are called out to the dance floor. Repeat the process from step 1. The garter is tossed, one lucky guy catches it and we are now ready for the finale’.

Step 4 * The bride and groom stand behind a chair where the lady who caught the bouquet is seated. The gentleman who caught the garter is introduced to the maiden and then prompted to slip the garter up her leg. This is obviously the most risky part of the ceremony. A skilled and appropriate Master of Ceremony will never embarrass or make things sexual or rude. Once the garter is placed up the leg the routine is complete. Every DJ has their own variation and this ceremony can continue on longer. Sometimes way too long.

Anyway, don’t shy away from tradition. Make it your own and have FUN with it! Isn’t that what your wedding is all about anyway?