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Bridal Shows * The Right and Wrong way to attend them

confused-brideBridal Shows can be very confusing. And you thought they were supposed to be helpful? Well, they can be, but there is a right and a wrong way to attend a bridal show. Here are some thoughts which might help maximize your bridal show experience:

First, a bridal show is a conglomerate of vendors with the intention to sell you their services or products. Please don’t go to a bridal show if you don’t wish to be approached and talked to. These vendors often have to pay large fees for the space and probably need to make a payback. That does not mean you should accept intrusive sales people. Just be prepared to speak with representatives and bring a carry bag. Many shows hand out bags but not always. Be prepared and have a carry bag to gather and collect literature and materials.

Next, keep in mind that many vendors run show specials or contests so be a prepared bride and bring a sheet of pre-made stickers with your name, phone and e-mail address along with your wedding date information. This will save you tedious rounds of filling out forms and tickets. DO NOT fill out for contests if you don’t wish to be contacted after the bridal show! Vendors will use the contest list as a contact list for solicitation after the show. This is not a bad thing but if you wish to have your privacy, don’t sign up for contests!

Next, some shows are larger than others. You often can view the vendor participation list on a website before the show and thus decide if this event is too small, too big or just right for your tolerance. In terms of large scale shows, don’t try to walk through 1 time and expect it to stick. You will be overwhelmed. Make 3 passes. Pass one would be just walking through, not talking, no stopping, just absorbing what and who is there. Take it all in. Second pass, gather literature and materials but don’t engage in long conversations. Quick meetings and greets are best. Gather everything you can and then take a break for a drink or lunch. Get the chance to look through the materials you have just collected. Now, make a third pass and go to the vendors who you were impressed with. These can be quality conversations and it is recommended you schedule after-show consultations or meetings with these vendors. This will give you the BEST opportunity to absorb and benefit from the multitude of offerings available.

Finally, BRING THE GROOM! Yes, I said bring the man with you. Not always easy and not always the best move for your sanity but in the long run you will maximize your bridal show experience by having your other half with you. Even if you are the primary decision maker for your wedding having his opinion and input can prove to be valuable.

Oh yes, did I mention comfortable shoes? You will be doing some walking! Have a great time at a bridal show! It’s all part of the wedding experience and you should take in as much as you can. Hey, we only get married once….. or twice 🙂