Connecticut Wedding DJ

Bring STARS to your event


Music In Motion Entertainment is well known for our amazing lighting displays at weddings. Lighting can add romance, excitement, and transform an average setting into an extraordinary atmosphere! We have long offered architectural lighting for walls, color wash lighting for dance floors and even monograms with the bride and groom names. There was only one place we did not service and that is now covered.

Music In Motion now proudly presents, “Dancing Under The Stars.” This spectacular new effect uses state of the art laser technology and LED lighting to create a cosmic effect like nothing else on the ceiling of your facility. It’s a static effect which does not spin, blink or move. The effect can be used from the beginning of your event or be activated at the start of dancing. Millions of little green laser points shine and twinkle with brilliance creating a memorable and unique impact that your wedding guests will talk about for many months ahead.

Certainly, “Dancing Under The Stars.” will also enhance photos and bring a touch of Disney to you reception.