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The Camera makes ALL the difference

simpsons20_02There are many photo booths out in the market place, yet so many photo booth providers overlook the most important feature of a photo booth. The CAMERA! It’s the heart and soul of booth and if a cheap point and shoot is used, your pictures will look cheap.

Many photo booth companies try and get by with the cheapest cameras. Still others compromise quality in order to invest as little as possible into their “home-made” booths assuming that the clients will not care or know the difference.
The difference is as clear as the photo. That is why Music In Motion Photo Booths use the same DSLR camera used by many professional photographers.

The Canon T3i provides 18 mega-pixels of clear image along with 1080P high def video. This enables our photo booths to also serve as a video capture system allowing guests a 15 second video message. The high definition images are sure to wow and impress.
Don’t settle for any photo booth. The photos matter so ask what camera is being used.