Connecticut Wedding DJ

Be careful who you hire to do your lighting

Last night I was DJ for a Sweet 16 party held at a hotel. When I arrived my assistant and I greeted the mother of the birthday girl who immediately asked if there was a problem with the architectural uplighting. My reply was simply, “You did not contract us to provide lighting, correct?”

Our client apparently had arranged for the hotel to provide the lighting. Unfortunately for them they chose poorly.

We found out that my client had paid $750 for basic static purple uplighting which she never received. Not only did the hotel forget to provide them with the lighting but no effort was made to make good on their arrangement. So, therefore the party was without lighting for the evening. A party that we personally could have made spectacular for the birthday girl on her Sweet 16.

Buyer beware! Would you hire a DJ to cook the food, or take the photos? No! You hire the DJ to provide entertainment and Master of Ceremony services. So , why then would anyone consider hiring the caterer to provide lighting? What qualifies them to do this service? Are they going to do as good a job as a trained professional entertainment service that specializes in lighting for their living?

More times than not, the caterer installs equipment that is inferior to what a professional would use. They usually charge top dollar and don’t know how to control the lighting, with the exception of allowing you to choose one color. How is that a better option?       Be careful who you hire to do your lighting. It may be an en”light“ening experience.