Connecticut Wedding DJ

To choreograph or NOT to choreograph?

First-Dance-250x216Before I begin, let me say that for some people who actually have rhythm, this can be a great moment in a wedding, but most of us do not belong on “Dancing with the Stars,” so this applies to the majority.

The first dance at a wedding reception is a very special and significant moment. This is the first dance the new bride and groom will share as a married couple. It should be romantic and something remembered for a lifetime. For many, it is also a stress filled moment as the spotlight is firmly on them and all the eyes fixed closely on every move. In my humble opinion, this moment should be about the two of you and not spent in fear worrying about dance steps. In other words, DO NOT choreograph your dance! I have watched countless couples awkwardly and painfully trudge through their first dance hoping not to forget a single step rehearsed for hours by their choreographer. Adding this stress into your first dance will certainly take away the special moment. You are more involved with getting things correct rather than looking into each others eyes and loving each other. More times than not, this does not come off as romantic, it comes off as stiff and rigid. I have even had a few grooms almost ready to pass out with the anticipation of screwing up! Fear should not be a part of your wedding day.

Your first dance should be something you look forward to with great memories for a lifetime. Don’t take away from it by adding complications.