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Connecticut Photo Booths: What is REAL and what is NOT?

Tent Photo BoothMusic In Motion Photo Booths offer traditional, contemporary and compact photo booth systems. Recently, we wrote a blog article suggesting that photographers were misleading customers into thinking a backdrop area with a camera on a tripod was a photo booth. Apparently, it is not fair to paint all photographers with a broad brush, and for that we apologize. However, there are some things the consumer should be made aware of.

There are some photographers who use a backdrop area with lighting and a camera set up on a tripod and sell this package as a photo booth. It is our humble opinion that this is NOT a photo booth and should not be sold as such. Rather, it is a photo shoot.

Additionally, we see a lot of the HUGE pipe and drape systems where a camera and tripod are set up inside and the photographer sticks their head in and says, “Smile.” This also is not authentic as it removes the privacy factor away from the guests. Furthermore these usually take up unreasonable amounts of space which can cramp your reception floor plan.

The photo booth experience involves pulling a curtain, sitting on a bench, looking into a monitor to see your image and using a touch screen to select what you want. Music In Motion Photo Booths also offer high definition video messages so your guests can leave messages and greetings. It is the experience that makes the photo booth, so to the buyer we suggest to be informed. Not all photo booths are created equal. In fact, not all photo booths are created photo booths.Photo_Booth_148