Connecticut Wedding DJ

My DJ Is A Friend Of A Friend

I established Music In Motion in 1984 and since that time have seen many no-sence trends in the DJ business. I remember the IPOD trend back in the early 2000’s when couples would set up a iPod loaded with “their music” and press play for a wedding reception. But, then the couple was responsible for renting speakers and a mixer and set it up, and break it down. Then, who was the MC for the wedding? Wait, did you even get a microphone?? What a disaster! People hardly ever danced, had dinner and then left right after the cake cutting. Was it worth sabotaging your own wedding just to save a few bucks? After paying $175 a plate for the fancy wedding facility.

Another nonsense trend was having a bar/karaoke DJ come out and sing some songs. They had absolutely NO wedding experience but hey! What fun getting drunk and all your buddies singing Don’t Stop Believing. I’m sure that went over BIG with the parents.

But lately, probably the most no sense trend has swept the nation. “A Friend”  being my wedding DJ. A friend??? Is this someone who you grew up with or just someone a friend of a friend knew and they play around as a bedroom DJ.  Hmmmmm????  We can save some money with the DJ!!! What a great idea? DJs all just play music, right?

Before you start counting your money that you saved let’s ask these questions? What is that person’s qualifications as a wedding DJ? What is their experience as a Master of Ceremonies? Do they understand the diverse music requirements of a wedding reception? Are they using professional gear? Do they have back up? Is their music library stable, clean and of good quality, or are they going to try and stream songs live off of YouTube?  The reality is only a polished, professional, researched and experienced DJ/MC can make a wedding reception into a sensational celebration. That is the ONLY way!  A amateur is guaranteed to embarrass or at the best case provide the most mediocre event. Is that worth the savings?

Would you go to a friend to pull a tooth? Would you get a friend to be your lawyer? Would you have a friend do open heart surgery? Certainly, you can save money there too but you wouldn’t do that. WHY??????  Answer: Because you view those other providers as professionals and would only consider a experienced professional. But, why would anyone be so casual with their wedding? Usually lessons are learned after it is too late. You can’t go back or hit a reset button if no one is dancing at your wedding.

Next time you think of a wedding DJ consider that some of us actually take what we do seriously! We practice, attend training sessions and educational workshops. We rehearse, have a back up plan, dress like a professional and speak like a professional. Remember that the DJ you hire becomes your representative for the wedding and often is recognized as  spokesperson.  This is who your guests remember, above and beyond the wedding dress, flowers and even the food. People who have been to a bad wedding can’t tell you the colors of the flowers, what the limo had stocked in its bar or the favors on each table but they can tell you all about the horrible DJ who ruined the party for everyone! Something to ponder for sure.

If you want to calculate the value of a wedding DJ ask yourself how much you would sue them for if they didn’t show up. That should put things into prospective and why you shouldn’t trust your most special day to a Friend of A Friend.