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DJ or MC – What is the difference?

Mike-Fernino-22-250x166More often than not, when a new client calls Music In Motion to inquire about our service, they request to hire a “DJ” and not a Master of Ceremony. Let me clarify that there is a difference of job responsibility between the DJ and the MC. The DJ is in charge of the music, while the MC is in charge of announcements and communication with the audience. Let me also add that in some regions of our country, you would have to hire a DJ and an MC to perform the different tasks. Here at Music In Motion Entertainment, our DJs also act as Master of Ceremony when performing solo, but we do recommend our 2 person presentations of a DJ and MC. What is the difference?

Selecting a 2 DJ team will allow the Disc Jockey to exclusively program the music and operate all sound functions, while the MC is free to host your event and be more visible. This promotes a much more interactive experience with the audience. Our MC is able to step out from the DJ set up and walk out to the middle of the room for introductions, or conduct the cake cutting from the cake area, or be right on the dance floor to teach the latest line dance. There are advantages to having a 2 person team that will take your party to the next level.

Which way is best? It all depends how you would answer this question. Do you want conservative or high energy? If you would like a traditional, conservative performance from the DJ, and you like the idea of an MC that remains behind the DJ set up with minimal guest interaction, then a 1 person presentation would be the best fit for you. It is the “Less is More” concept. If you absolutely want the MC to be out and involved with the guests, producing a high level of energy throughout the room, the 2 person interactive team would best the better choice.

Most important to keep in mind, some DJ companies will offer a 2 DJ option, but both people will stand behind the DJ set up for the entire party. If you are going to hire a 2 person team, make sure that the Master of Ceremonies will be fully interactive with all of your guests. What is the point of paying 2 DJs to stand together behind the equipment?