Connecticut Wedding DJ

DJs should be more than “Just Music.

Mike_Fernino_22When a bride and groom are looking for wedding music, they are missing 80% of the picture. DJs should be so much more than just music! If you were to hire a carpenter, would you be looking for tools, or a master craftsman?

You don’t hire the tools, you hire the professional. No different with a DJ. Are you looking for music? That can be created by any device, but a true Master of Ceremony is what you should seek when looking for wedding entertainment. Here’s what to look for…

  • Look for someone who will properly facilitate and manage your precious reception and make a smooth flow to the event.
  • Look for someone who will direct the wedding and work cohesively with the other wedding professionals.
  • Look for someone who is organized and experienced. This will give you piece of mind.
  • Look for someone who has a real, viable back up plan in case of emergency. Back up equipment, and/or music collection.
  • Look for someone who will work with you, get to know you, and respect that fact that this is your day and not his/her “show.”
  • Look for reputation and references. The market is flooded with amateurs and start up DJ companies.
  • Look for professional accreditation, like membership in the American Disc Jockey Association.
  • Look for a DJ that carries liability insurance. Most wedding facilities will be requiring this very soon. Those without insurance won’t be allowed to perform. It also shows a professional standard that this person takes their business seriously!
  • Look for a FULL TIME DJ vs Part Time. Would you hire a part time heart surgeon or a part time trial lawyer? NO! Why hire a DJ that works weddings only on a part time basis for the most important day of your life? It does not make sense. Hopefully, you can see my points that a real professional is so much more than just “Music.” Raise your expectations and demand more out of your wedding entertainment.