Connecticut Wedding DJ

Does Your DJ Have Vocal Training?

So many times when I get an inquiry for a wedding or private event the potential clients will ask a host of questions, but rarely ever do they ask about my vocal skills and credentials as a Master of Ceremony. In fact, people today are more inclined to text or email me and would settle to hiring my services having never hearing my voice or experiencing how I speak and present myself. It’s a stunning revelation to me but I understand this is just how society has evolved with smart phones being the dominant method of communication today. It is very unlikely that people will actually use their phone to talk. I often initiate a phone call, zoom or in person meeting because I understand how important the first impression is.

When hiring a DJ one would be expecting a discussion about music. People also expect sound and speakers or maybe lighting, or even a photo booth! These are all tools of the trade and allow us to do our job, but the foundation of what we do is personality based. When hiring a DJ you are hiring more than just music. You are getting a representative of you to your guests. How they speak and how they present themselves will leave a indelible mark that will be remembered long after the songs are forgotten. Dare I say if the DJ does not speak well that might be the primary impression made.

The term “master of ceremonies” was created describing someone who is the person in charge of announcements and communication. And to “Master” something is to bring excellence to the service. However, sadly 9 out of 10 DJs have absolutely no formal vocal training or even practice improving their skills as a Master of Ceremonies. Usually a DJ gets into the business out of a love of music, BUT not public speaking. ” Public speaking is one of the most difficult tasks and most feared as well. It’s often said many people would rather be the person in the casket vs the person delivering the eulogy.

Have you ever been to a wedding where the DJ totally butchered the formal introductions and even said names incorrectly? Or a party where the DJ was extremely annoying on the microphone and could not stop talking over the songs? Or simply a event where the person on the microphone was not a eloquent speaker and lacked confidence and smooth delivery? These experiences are those of amateurs and usually a clear indicator of no formal vocal training.

As owner of Music In Motion Entertainment and during my 39 year career as a professional DJ I have had the opportunity to work on radio, produce commercials, perform for thousands of events and even present seminars and workshops. During that time I have always made it a point to improve, train and practice. Because it is important to me that when I am hired and my client puts trust in me it is extremely important to deliver when the microphone is in my hand. Whether it is a public speaking group, radio training or Master of Ceremonies workshops I have pushed myself to always be better. My clients deserve that! They deserve excellence and that is what I push myself to deliver!

Next time you are looking to hire DJ entertainment please remember that the music is only one piece of the puzzle. In fact, make sure you directly speak with a DJ so you can hear their voice, feel their enthusiasm and see if there is a good chemistry that would make you want to work with this individual and let them be your representative to your guests. Never forget you are hiring voice, personality and talent. Not just music!