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Ending your wedding with Sparkle

Sparkler Send-Off 1They say it’s not how you start but how you finish. Not necessarily true when it comes to a wedding because you need to start strong with a great grand entrance otherwise the reception will forever have a scar attached to it, but how you conclude is also a big memory in the minds of your guests. Brides and Grooms want to make a big exit without a BIG budget. Here is a way to accomplish this:

Sparkler Send-off 2A sparkler send-off is a fun and “HOT” new trend. Immediately after your last dance the DJ calls for the guests to all gather in the front of the venue. Placed close to the front door will be a table holding the sparklers and display is everything here! Presentation goes a long way. Use a sign to let people know when the event will happen. Guests are prompted to take their sparklers and head outside making 2 lines on either side of the walk path. The photographer and videographer stand at the ready for a fabulous good-bye shot. Once everyone is in place, sparklers come alive and out the bride and groom go through the illuminated procession directly into their limo or waiting vehicle. This is certainly a fun and cute way to end your amazing day!