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If Your Engaged Now, You have Advantage….. But 2015 Is Near


It’s almost the new year and for many couples who are currently engaged planning a 2015-2016 wedding reception they are in the process of making plans. There are so many pieces to the wedding puzzle and putting together a solid core of wedding professional vendors is crucial to a successful wedding day! The right Venue, DJ/Band, Photographer and other services will define your wedding and reflect on you. Despite the importance of the right team, many couples procrastinate. It’s typical human nature. The unfortunate reality is that time is running short to be in the drivers seat. You are about to get some additional passengers. What do I mean?

The busiest time of the year for engagements is the holiday season from Christmas, New Years and through Valentines day. Statistics from show that 40% of all engagements happen in that 1 1/2 month period of time. You can’t pass a jewelry store without seeing some guy sitting in the engagement ring section looking at the rocks. As a direct result of the disproportionate activity the majority of bridal shows are held in January and February.

Look in the wedding guides, or check out the internet. There will be 2-8 different bridal shows every single weekend from January – March in the New England region. Now, guess who is at those bridal shows?………

Wedding professionals and all those excited NEWLY engaged brides! The fact is that a newly engaged bride is much more motivated than a bride engaged for 6 months or more.

The wedding professionals attend bridal shows to be directly placed in front of those brides who plan to make decisions right away. Some couples actually make bookings right at the bridal show directly. What does this mean for you if you are currently engaged and don’t have all your vendors under contract? This is the equivalent of not having your Christmas shopping finished on December 24th.

To summarize, couples who are engaged still have the advantage. After January 1 they will loose that advantage and will find themselves competing with thousands of newly engaged couples who most certainly will act faster than them.

The BEST and most in-demand wedding professionals book first and farther in advance rather than vendors of a lesser reputation. It makes sense to act soon when planning a wedding as procrastination pays no dividends and offers no advantage. So, if you find yourself still in need to complete your wedding team and you have a 2015-2016 reception coming up, don’t go to the mall this weekend. Start making some calls and appointments and get those pieces to your wedding puzzle complete. Happy Hunting everyone and a HAPPY 2015!!!!