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The Evolution of Dance – A You Tube Thing

You TubeThink your original? – Think Twice!

 YouTube has changed the world. Many couples watch videos of other wedding footage to gain ideas and apply those ideas to their own celebration. How many brides do you think tried to dance down the church isle after the YouTube craze hit hard several years ago showing an energetic bridal party turning a house of worship into a house of party! The only problem with watching someone else is that you may not be “yourself” if you try to copy.

Many of my clients have asked to do a routine seen 7 years ago on YouTube called, “The Evolution of Dance.” It takes the audience by surprise with the bride and groom starting off their dance to a slow love song, and evolving into an upbeat spoof on several fun dance songs, all choreographed into a 5 minute routine. The audience usually responds very favorably, however, if you are trying this now, you have lost your edge.

And let’s not forget last years, “Harlem Shake.” It seemed like every wedding for 4 months wanted to recreate the concept and put their version up on Youtube. “Been there – Done that!” Many couples around the world have attempted to copy YouTube phenomenons, so therefore what you are doing is no longer fresh or innovative. When you see something on YouTube, chances are so have 5.5 million other people. Try being yourself, and your wedding will much better reflect your own individual personality.