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First Look Gets a Second Look

Times have changed for certain. Tradition has always been a huge part of weddings but not every tradition is a good one.  Not every tradition makes sense, nor should you engage in a tradition simply because ” that is what wedding couples do.” 

One of the dumbest wedding traditions of all-time, in my humble opinion was a bride and groom essentially hiding out in a bridal suit during the cocktail hour so the guests can’t see them. You have a 5 hour reception so let’s miss a full hour because of tradition. Made no sense to me.

Another great way to waste a full 1 hour of your wedding is to do a photo session with your photographer during the cocktail hour as the guest mingle and stuff themselves with finger foods. The cocktail (social) hour is prime opportunity for a bride and groom to enjoy and greet their guests. Why can’t the guests see you, talk with you and hang out with you during the cocktail hour? Where is the book of rules that makes this illegal?

Another impact of a bride and groom missing out on cocktail hour is that now the couple will have to visit each table during dinner time. Often missing out on eating their own meal in lieu of greeting the guests. Another tradition that makes no sense to me. So how can all of these pitfalls be avoided so a bride and groom can mingle with their guests and actually sit down to enjoy dinner?  A First Look Session……..

A First Look Session is when the bride and groom go out with their photographer in advance of the wedding ceremony and do their photography session. The entire bridal party can participate as well and eliminate all of the formals along with some photojournalistic opportunities. By getting all of the photo requirements out of the way the couple is free to mingle and be a part of their wedding reception.

In todays modern wedding contemporary couples are looking for better ways to enjoy their reception and spend better quality time with family and friends. Thus, first look gives a great opportunity to accomplish just that. First look is a tradition breaker and for those who still believe the groom cannot see the bride before she walks the aisle, this is NOT for you. But if you are willing to break some tradition this is a great option!

Music In Motion Entertainment proudly presents In Motion Photography with our staff expert, Len Caseria. We offer our couples the option to add on a First Look session to their wedding photography coverage and gain extra time to enjoy their reception.

Certainly, First Look is worth a Second Look.