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FREE Photo Booth……. Well, sort of

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Nothing really good is FREE in the business world. Certainly, weddings are not FREE. In fact, weddings are expensive! With all of the associated costs with a wedding, couples just can’t add extra expenditures especially when working in a tight budget. The future bride and groom need to sit down and designate a priority list and see what is most important to them vs unnecessary. Where does a Photo Booth fit in to this priority list?

Photo Booths have become so popular over the past 5 years that they now are expected as part of the manifest when planning a wedding reception. Invited guests look forward to a photo booth and the couple looks forward to the fun memories it generates. Many Photo Booth services even provide a “Memory Album” as part of their package which is signed by all guests. So how does one get a FREE Photo Booth then? Simple…….. Substitution.

When planning your wedding budget you must break expenses down into categories. When adding a Photo Booth to your wedding, you are adding a category to your manifest and thus adding an expense. If you substitute the photo booth for something of equal or greater expense you are not actually spending any extra money and thus, it’s like getting a photo booth for FREE. What category then would be substituted? WEDDING FAVORS!

The tradition of a wedding favor is a small gift that is given to the guest from the bride and groom as a thankyou for attending the reception. These little gifts can get costly and exceed $1000 along with extra time and effort to purchase, prepare and distribute. In fact, some couples stay up the nights before their wedding prepping the wedding favors. Who needs this extra grief? Why would you want to add on extra responsibilities to an already packed schedule?


Everyone loves photos and with so many inexpensive options available on the internet to display those photos a great wedding favor is as simple as having a photo booth. Acrylic photo stands can be placed on every table with a note to go take a great photo in the booth and then take it home in the stand. The cost for hiring a professional photo booth will normally NOT exceed what typical wedding favors would cost. The guests have tons of fun, get a neat favor and the couple gets an album with photos. Which also takes the place of the old fashioned “guest book.”

So, in theory you are getting a photo booth for free. Do the math and find ways to substitute rather than add to your wedding budget.

Music In Motion Entertainment from Seymour Connecticut offers some of New England’s most advanced and affordable Photo Booths including professional booth technicians, memory albums and even video messages!