Connecticut Wedding DJ

A Great Live Music Combination

live music duo

The setting was the South Norwalk Boat Club for a wedding ceremony. The first day of October 2012. Tiffany and Matthew stood under the arch and said their vows while 125 wedding guests of family and friends looked on.

The background sound track to this wonderful moment was provided by Music In Motion’s live music experts and featured a violin and piano player. More times than not, brides and grooms select a traditional classical group like a violin, cello and flute, but add a piano. You will be surprised how lovely the combination is.  No matter what way you put them together, live musicians can make a huge contribution to your wedding ceremony.

Jen & Chris CaseyJennifer Casey, who leads Music In Motion’s classical music division and her husband Chris Casey, who is lead pianist in the Chris Casey Jazz Trio perform as a Violin/Piano duet. The husband and wife duo are both virtuoso musicians and perform exceptionally well as a two-piece. Add beautiful live music for your ceremony and/or cocktail hour. It will leave a long lasting favorable impression with you guests!