Connecticut Wedding DJ

A great way to start your wedding reception!

Chris Casey TrioI often listen to jazz in my private time. Being a wedding DJ, Top 40 just does not cut it anymore for me. In fact I tend to prefer jazz these days as it just connects with my soul. When we book our jazz trio for weddings it is always a thrill and pleasure to listen to the guys work their magic.

The Chris Casey Jazz Trio is proudly presented by Music In Motion Entertainment of Seymour, CT. Chris and his band mates are solid musicians and all work in the music educational field. They bring great life to a wedding and start things off in a very distinctive manner. Jazz trios are rare. You don’t see them at just every wedding reception.

On Friday April 25, 2014 at the Villa Bianca our jazz group performed for the wedding of Justin and Jennyffer Miller. As the guests arrived they were greeted by the sound of the piano, bass and drums. Many wedding guests grabbed food set up by Villa Bianca for cocktail hour and stood to watch these guys jam away on their instruments. Clearly, it was not just about listening to the music, but rather watching gifted artists create the music live in front of their eyes as well.

Jazz is the perfect music for social hour. Guests want to eat, get cocktails and have conversations. The music is in the background, yet stands out as the ultimate soundtrack  to set the right mood. Once Chris and the guys finished their 1 hour set, it was time to introduce the wedding party for the grand entrance. The wedding was off to a great start already!