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Groom’s Cake Within A Wedding Cake

layered wedding cake for groomIt was the classic paradox. The setting was Aria in Prospect Connecticut. The event was a reception for Mark and Kirstin. The result was sweet.

An old wedding tradition is that of the Groom’s cake which usually is a separate cake made with a theme that reflects the personality of the groom. It is generally presented to the groom after the cutting of the official wedding cake as a gift from his bride. This took things to a different level.

A battle of good vs evil, light vs dark, vanilla vs chocolate. On one side and very pure and wholesome white vanilla cake and in the other corner a very decadent and naughty chocolate delight. Not for those starting as of January 2014 with a resolution to lose weight, for sure.

When it came time for the traditional cake cutting ceremony, MC Mike Fernino from Music In Motion encouraged Kirstin to cut and feed Mark from her side, and Mark was encouraged to do the same. Feeding Kirstin from his side. The symbolism was that they would now be sharing with each other for the rest of their lives. A very sweet thought indeed.