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Happy Wife – Happy Life! Advice for the Groom

They say, “Happy Wife – Happy Life!”
Gentlemen this is your day to shine! It is your day to earn some brownie points that will last a lifetime.
This special day, this once in a lifetime event has been on your bride to be’s mind longer than you can imagine. Believe it or not the average groom to be, is less than enthusiastic in wanting to help plan this special day.
If you happen to be one of those guys that really did not offer much input or is not helping with the planning process for the wedding there is still a chance to redeem yourself as her wedding hero!
To put it simply, be there for your bride every chance you get during the reception. Do not disappear with the best man, groomsmen or that old friend from college leaving her alone at her own wedding reception. If you drink, enjoy any adult beverages in moderation so that you are not disposed to the restroom for a portion of the evening.
The average wedding reception in Connecticut is only five hours long, and that five hours will fly by fast!
So be there for your bride for as much of it as possible. You as the groom can be the hero and go above and beyond to show your bride the love, respect and appreciation she loves and deserves. Have fun with your bride and let her show her new hubby off to all the guests that may not know you as a couple.
Dance with your bride! Even if you can’t or don’t like to dance it will make her very happy. If your family and guests see you both enjoying yourselves on the dance floor, it encourages them to join in and celebrate.
If you are bold even better! Surprise your bride with a fun dance with your groomsmen, sing to her etc. Do something fun and or romantic to go above and beyond in that it personifies the love you two share.
For years to come your wife will remember how you made her feel like a queen that night and how you were her night in shining armor for the wedding and reception.