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Homemade Photo Booths

Cheap Photo BoothIt is embarrassing. So many photographers, DJs, and fly by night operations are trying to capitalize on the lucrative photo booth craze that is sweeping the nation. The only problem is that they are trying to get in as cheap as possible and many are building their own photo booth. At a bridal show this past Sunday, I personally watched as a photo booth provider wheeled in a hulking box made out of plywood which was totally amateurish and homemade. Even the sides of the booth had an area where the paint had not been finished. A low quality camera was used and the prints were created on consumer grade printers. Despite this low end approach, they were still charging fees from $1100 – $1700. Buyer beware!

It is also very common for me to see photographers selling “Photo Booths” to their clients and then showing up with pipe and drape backdrops with a traditional photographer taking photos as the subject stands there to pose. This is NOT a photo booth. It is a photo session. Again, buyer beware!

My prediction for 2014 wedding season is that 60% of all weddings will have a photo booth, or similar concept. Clearly, this trend is still very HOT, and there seems to be no end in sight as to the end of this phenomenon. If you are planning on getting a booth, ask questions first. Find out if it is a REAL photo booth and ask to see pictures. Not just of the photo strips but the booth itself. Do they use printers that print fast and make prints that are instantly dry? Here are a list of questions you should ask when speaking to a photo booth provider:

  1. Is your booth a real photo booth or homemade? Is it neutral black or silver like a mall photo booth?  Can I see the actual booth you use at my event?
  2. How many hours do I get? (Always have a booth for the full reception. Anything less is a disruption.)
  3. What is included? Props? Scrap Album? Etc?
  4. Are my photo strips customizable? Colors, fonts, layout?
  5. Can I get a flash drive of the images?
  6. If provided, what does the scrap album look like?
  7. Is the photo booth technician qualified to fix problems on site? Do you have a back up in case of failure?
  8. How large is the photo booth and what area will it fit in?
  9. Is the photo booth provider insured?
  10. How many people can fit into your booth at one time. Do we get unlimited photos or are there limitations?

I hope this list helps you find the perfect photo booth for your wedding event!