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Instagram Photo Booths……. The New Ipod trend?


Trends are a standard commonality in modern weddings. Couples mimic others, it’s just a fact of life. Today, with YouTube and various social media options, couples are watching what other couples are doing for their wedding, then copying for their own. One such trend was on full display right after the great recession.

When the bottom fell out of the economy 6 years ago, couples started using an Ipod to play music for their reception rather than hiring a professional DJ or Band. Brides and Grooms would make a playlist, rent a basic sound system and just let the music play. What seemed like a great way to save money almost always blew up in the face of the newlyweds as they never accounted for the need of a professional Master Of Ceremony to introduce the bridal party and facilitate wedding traditions. An Ipod also did not have programming skills. It could not look out at a dance floor and read the crown in order to play the best song in order to maintain a dance floor. Besides, to many guests attending a wedding the sight of an Ipod as entertainment was viewed as “Tacky” or “Cheap” and certainly did not reflect well on the Bride and Groom. Thank goodness, that trend has come of age and past.

Now, a next Ipod trend has appeared and it directly challenges the Photo Booth industry. Instagram is a fun and easy photo based social media site. It uses smartphone technology to populate online photo albums that are smartly configured and attractive. Somewhere, someone came to thinking that instead of a photo booth they would encourage guests to use their smart phones and take pictures at the reception as to directly post images to the couple’s Instagram page.Great Idea, BUT………..

The evolution of this concept has filtered down into the Photo Booth market where couples select a designated area setting up a backdrop along with a table filled with props and accessories to get dressed up. Guests take images and then post their shots onto the Bride & Groom’s Instagram channel. Fun, fresh, innovative, or IPOD trend all over again?

What many couples fail to realize is that if you are not 35 or younger the whole Instagram concept is not common place. The majority of guests still won’t get it or want to get it. Why do something that only appeals with a small percentage of attendees? A real professional photo booth along with a technician, memory album and even video messages are so much more fun for the vast majority. And, you don’t come off as “Cheap” or “Tacky”. If you give your guests an opportunity to judge you poorly……they will. Why even set yourself up for that abuse?

Besides, a real professional photo booth will provide all of the images taken onto a flash memory drive and then all you have to do is post up onto your Instagram page anyway. As BONUS, your guests get a photo strip commemorative for wedding favor.

In other words, if you can’t do something the right way, DON’T do it!