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Interviewing your Wedding Vendors – Couples rarely use the phone anymore

Couples plan on the internet

When we started Music In Motion Entertainment in May of 1984 the primary means of communication and advertising our service were the Yellow Pages. Some of you may not even know what those are. Brides and Grooms planning a wedding reception used the phone to call and interview with the DJ. Print advertising also was a source but became more popular in the 1990′s as dozens of area facilities started their own facility guild which featured sponsored ads by local professionals.

Of course, bridal shows always were and continue to be an opportunity to meet wedding vendors but as we enter 2014 the #1 way to find DJs, photographers, venues etc is the internetGoogle changed the world and now all a bride in planning has to do is type in a few key words and like magic she is exposed to hundreds of leads. And let’s not forget social media including PinterestFacebookYelp along with search engine sites likewedding channel and wedding wire.

The most interesting thing about this current generation of brides & grooms is that they don’t use their phones to talk. They e-mail and text. In fact, more brides in planning use their personal smart phone to view the internet now than the work place computer. Websites are now being designed in responsive formats to accommodate the huge percentages of increased viewing on smart phones and tablets.

This means the simplest form of human interaction is missing from the equation. In a vocal conversation the interviewer can pick up on many phases of emotion including excitement, sincerity and even chemistry between the two parties. Something that is missing from a text message or e-mail. You just can’t pick up vocal inflection or personality in a computer screen message. And this may be one of the single most important aspects of an entertainer/DJ/Master of Ceremony. You are hiring them for their personality and being comfortable with that person or group is KEY!

If you are planning a wedding and in need of entertainment, try picking up your phone and actually making a call. Even better, set an appointment to meet the DJ as it will give you a totally different experience during the interview process that is lost by our “Smart Phone” convenience.

Music IN Motion Entertainment has a professional office space located at 483 North Main Street In Seymour CT and features convenient Monday – Friday evening hours for a personalized meeting and interview. Come find out what we have been voted “Best Wedding DJs In New England” for 6 years in a ROW by the Knot!