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Is there a “Booth” with your Photo Booth?

Music In Motion Photo Booths offer traditional, contemporary and compact photo booth systems. These are REAL Photo Booths but buyer beware because some New England photographers are misleading customers into thinking a backdrop area with a camera is a Photo Booth. They cleverly work it into the price of their photo package or even say that the booth is FREE with the purchase of a certain package. For the uninformed bride and groom planning a wedding or a Mitzvah family, they assume that a booth is a booth. Apparently not!

Incorporating an all-in-one arrangement with a photographer is convenient and inexpensive so people end up with a photo shoot and NOT a photo booth. Your event guests will react differently in a closed booth vs an open area with chairs and lighting right out in the open. You need to know what you are booking and demand to see the presentation first before commitment.

With that said, it is not fair to paint all photographers with a broad brush, and we are not attempting to. Many photographers who offer photo booths do use real booth systems. However, there are some things the consumer should be made aware of.

The authentic photo booth experience involves pulling a curtain, sitting on a bench, looking into a monitor to see your image along with using a touch screen to select what you want. The photo area is private and enclosed. A technician should also be included to assist your guests and aid in the assembly of a memory album. Props can also be a fun addition for those classic silly images!

In addition to sharp, clear images Music In Motion Photo Booths offer high definition video so your guests can leave messages and greetings in full 1080p high definition. It is the experience that makes the photo booth, so to the buyer we suggest……. be informed. Not all photo booths are created equal. In fact, not all photo booths are created photo booths.