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The Late Night Wedding Snack

Weddings are a series of choices. Priorities need to be made to keep within your individual budget. Every bride has something that is her top priority and other things that just don’t make the final cut.

Let’s discuss my favorite topic, food 🙂 And weddings are loaded with food, for sure!

In recent years a new trend has emerged called “The late night snack.”  Usually served in the final hour of a wedding reception the “snack” can consist of anything from pizza, hamburger sliders and fries to a s’mores bar, a popcorn station or donut bar! Are these even practical? Let’s discuss.

First, nothing about a wedding is practical. That’s why they are so much fun and a once in a lifetime event! Because it is such a departure from normal and a true celebration of life! And what do we celebrate with? FOOD!

Let’s begin by asking the question, Do your guests really need more food after cocktail  hors d’oeuvres, 3-5 dinner courses and wedding cake? The answer is quite certainly…….. NO! But remember, it’s a wedding. This is all about excess.

Next, let’s explore whether it’s truly worth it? My answer is…. NO! I mean, your guests are already stuffed to capacity and out on the dance floor shaking up a good time. They probably have also consumed more alcohol than they normally ever do. Quite possibly a justification for the late night snack concept. But considering some wedding couples will pay more for late night snacks than they do for their wedding DJ I am going to be consistent and discourage the expenditure.

But, for those who just have to do this let your creativity flow and have fun with it! As a professional wedding DJ with Music In Motion Entertainment I have seen some pretty creative and tasty treats over the years! If you really want my opinion on this I would always recommend going the direction of sweets and desserts.

No matter how stuffed to the gills people are they always seem to find the extra room for dessert! Candy tables with mason jars filled with all the favorites, a S’mores Bar or a Ice Cream sundae bar and of course, Donuts! These sweet treats can take the place of a Venetian Table.

For those unfamiliar with the tradition, the Venetian table was a popular trend of the 80’s and 90’s mainly at Italian establishments. A table would be loaded with every decadent dessert known to mankind. Guests would form a line and load up a plate. You still see them today but less than in years past. The Late Night Snack has been the replacement to this concept.

You can also make up customized goodie bags to ensure guests take the treats home and they all get enjoyed. Which leads me back to having regular food as your late night snack. In my opinion it’s a big waste of money, and here’s why……

You better believe I love burger sliders but not for a wedding. I have seen pizza, popcorn, chicken nuggets and fries given out. The problem I often see is that the food is not eaten as people are already stuffed. One groom admitted to me he and his bride spent almost $1000 and burger sliders and fries from the caterer but couldn’t afford to have a photo booth. I thought to myself, the photo booth would have been so much better of a investment. Again, just my opinion folks. To each their own.

But with that said, if the snack theme is in your wedding plans consider being creative, sweet and make it a real treat! Good enough the guests will eat. Enjoy!!!!