Connecticut Wedding DJ

Let there be LIGHT

Dark RoomOn a recent wedding reception in which Music In Motion provided DJ and Photo Booth we were really amazed that our clients had elected NOT to add any sort of lighting for the ballroom. The reception was held at the Riverhouse of Haddam Connecticut. It is an exceptional facility with a gorgeous ballroom and the room looks superb with architectural lighting. At the very least, dance floor color wash. Guests were dancing in a very dim room where, at times it was difficult to see a hand in front of your face.

It is in the opinion of this author that lighting makes a tremendous contribution to any event, especially a wedding. Lighting adds atmosphere, and when done correctly will provide the ambiance to really make people feel like dancing! Imagine a wedding without alcohol? There would be something seriously missing. How is “atmosphere” any different from alcohol? It makes people feel good, loosen up and want to celebrate!

We certainly understand that each couple has their own vision of the “perfect” wedding reception and maybe our couple just did not want lighting? But this was a perfect opportunity to demonstrate the result of a room devoid of illumination. Please view the video below which was captured live during this aforementioned wedding reception.

Without lighting, it’s just a dark room.