Connecticut Wedding DJ

Lighting Truly Adds Emotion To Any Event

Do you remember back to school dances in the gym? Gym overhead lights were all left on so no “funny business” could happen. While some students danced not everyone got into it. The atmosphere was just not right.

The same can be said for weddings, Mitzvahs or any party or celebration. Lighting adds so much to the atmosphere and will help guests feel more energized to dance and really let loose.

There is science behind this concept. People respond to colors and colors add emotion on the sub-conscience level. Cool colors such as blue and purple will actually impact people different from warm colors such as red and orange. Colors selected should compliment a room and bring out elements of the decor to really make enhancement.

Lighting done correctly by a experienced professional can add to the dramatic moment such as a wedding first dance. Highlighting the bride and groom in white ( as pictured ) while leaving the room in purple brought this beautiful moment to another level.  It focuses attention where it should be while allowing the background to contribute beauty to the moment without grabbing it away.

Many times as a wedding DJ I have been performing in the dark because our venue will turn their lights way down for dance time. Now our guests are out in the middle of a dance floor in a dark room. Why select a venue for the look of it’s environment when you can’t even see it? Clearly, the right lighting gives a desired atmosphere of dim lighting while still letting the room decor shine.

That leads me to my next point. The right lighting will make a great contribution. The wrong lighting will turn a room into a circus. You need to check with your lighting provider, whether that is the DJ, Band or Venue. I have seen many venues which had very poor lighting but advertise a grand experience. Some venues charge a hefty penny for rental of their lighting and only provide a amateur and cheap display.  Most venues don’t even understand how to program lighting so instead they rely on a control panel with very limited options.

On the flip side, many DJs use tacky, colored and spinning lights that would be fine at a school dance, but not for a elegant evening wedding reception. Buyer beware and do your research. Ask to see what you are getting and confirm that what you see in the photo is what will be produced at your event.

What separates the amateurs from the professionals? Software and the ability to design a room with light. In my humble opinion there are people who provide lighting and then there are lighting designers. A experienced lighting professional can help work with you to provide a vision for the room and atmosphere you want created. You would not hire a DJ without asking his/her level of experience, so why then would you not ask about their level of experience with lighting?

I host and teach at a annual lighting symposium where we empower our students to become lighting designers and not just someone who offers lighting. Programming software, room layout, effective design and concept are all part of the plan we hope to provide the class. Education truly makes the difference for providers and allows them to create artistry in their work.

To conclude, you will never see a concert, musical or high end stage production without great lighting support. You won’t go into an art gallery and not have lighting on the portraits. And no night club would ever dare to expect people to dance and party without a powerhouse lighting system. Lighting is support that will enhance any event, and when under control of a professional will allow your event to shine!