Connecticut Wedding DJ

Live Stream Your Wedding!

Music In Motion Entertainment has added a Live Stream option for our clients who wish to move forward with their 2020 weddings considering they will have to limit their guest list. Also considering that several guests might choose not to attend.

In the state of Connecticut gatherings of 50 people will be permitted as of June 20. This is part of phase 2 re-opening state protocol.  These gatherings are indicated as outdoors. Indoor weddings are still being discouraged.

July 20 will be the phase 3 re-opening protocol and should see the number of guests allowed bumped upwards to 100. Still in a outdoor setting. This has made for some tough decisions for couples who don’t want to postpone their wedding until 2021. So limitations and sacrifices have been made. Most certainly, if you planned on inviting 150 guests and have to eliminate 100 of the list that is a difficult decision.

Music In Motion Entertainment has added a service to our list of offerings that can make a important contribution during this time of guest list cutting……..

Live Stream! We can have on of our video technicians broadcast your wedding as it is happening direct to your personal facebook page so guests who had to be cut out can still feel included and watch your special day to experience the moment! The livestream is sent direct to the couple’s facebook page as this is the easiest and most popular social media platform that most folks can relate to and operate without issue.

Unfortunately in this 2020 pandemic concessions have been made and adaptation has been a necessary element to everyday life! Contact Music In Motion for more information on this brand new feature we are proud and happy to offer for our wedding couples.       203-627-9600