Connecticut Wedding DJ

A Look Ahead To 2021 Weddings

Oh, how we long to celebrate a new year! 2020 has been brutal in so many ways. But for the wedding and special events industry “brutal” is an understatement. It’s  been a total loss. Couples have had their wedding plans turned upside down and venues have shut their doors, some never to re-open. DJs, Photographers, Videographers and other industry professionals have seen their businesses virtually shut down. Certainly the business of getting people together is the worst business to be in during a global pandemic. Ouch!

As the owner of Music In Motion Entertainment I have never seen anything like this in 35 years of business operation. 90% of our weddings were moved to 2021 and so many of our couples had to completely change their life plans. Some got married anyway and will have a reception next year. Others just postponed and sadly some flat out cancelled their weddings. It’s been a gut punch for sure.

But like the cavalry riding over the hill with trumpets sounding 2021 looms on the horizon. Vaccines and Therapeutics offer hope and a real turn in this pandemic against the virus. Timing could be a key in the salvation of the 2021 wedding season. Here’s my take on things……….

It goes without saying that winter of 2021 will simply be a continuation of the 2020 mess. Lockdowns and restrictions should make a winter theme wedding extremely difficult. I truly doubt that there will even be holiday parties with companies and corporations unwilling to take the risk of putting employees together. Currently, at the time of this blog article the state of Connecticut is in phase 2 protocol which means indoor events are limited to 25 people. What can you do with that? Not much!

There is good news though. We have learned so much about the virus and the vaccines should be ready for distribution quite soon. Pfizer announced that their vaccine was showing a 90% effective rate. Plans are for limited distribution in December to the most vulnerable.  January – February will ramp up for first responders, health care personal and critical workers. Finally, by April the vaccine should be ready for mass distribution. This in concert  with new therapeutics that will help squash the mortality rate and bring our society back to a more normal way of life. This should mean promise for spring 2021 weddings.

As the spring season hits along with warmer weather and  vaccines hopefully providing immunity wedding season should kick in solid. I truly believe that many couples will choose to continue  the trend from this past summer and fall season by having outdoor weddings. Whether under a tent or in a pavilion.  If limitations are still in place there will be more guests allowed outdoors than indoors. Masks will still be required because we will  be in the beginning stage of the recovery.

Now, summer 2021 should be the beginning of a return to normalcy. I still believe that there will be a few regulations in place like the wearing of masks for mass gatherings such as  weddings, but most all of the limitations placed on weddings should be relaxed. At the very least, 150-200 guests should be allowed with no real restrictions of social distance. Many older guests might be feeling comfortable attending events again as the vaccine will be in full distribution at this point. There still may be a lot of outdoor weddings because they will have become fashionable and fun! And after all, it’s summer!!!

Finally, fall of 2021 should be the long awaited return to normal. Weddings should be booming and with no restrictions. Masks will probably be rejected as people will be completely fed up with wearing them. I am fully expecting that inside or outside all statewide restrictions will be lifted with no limits for attendance.  1 1/2 years after the virus hit our shores life will finally be returned to a normal. At least, whatever a post-pandemic normal might be?

What all couples planning a 2021 wedding should consider is that this will be a slow progression up the staircase. Spring weddings should move forward with minimal restrictions and as the year continues we can hope and pray that there will be progress with every passing month. And certainly there is a great hope that the holiday season for 2021 will be celebrated and embraced with great joy and passion for life!

2021 will be a time for euphoria and celebration! What a great time to get married! Be well and stay safe! See you next year!!