Connecticut Wedding DJ

Looking for a DJ? What about MC?

Whenever Music In Motion participates at a bridal show we meet tons of couples all looking for a DJ to host their reception. But, it’s not the DJ who hosts the reception. Its the Master of Ceremonies! Call us what you will, the DJ usually in most cases is also the MC. However, very few DJs specialize in being a Master of Ceremony. Most fumble through the spoken obligation of the DJ in a desperate attempt to get to dance program.

In my experience as a 35 year veteran DJ/MC I have found that most DJs get into the business because of a love for music. NOT a love for public speaking. Most people fear public speaking, in fact it is usually a top 5 ultimate fear!

So, armed with that opening thought keep in mind that it is the person who holds the microphone who is your representative at YOUR wedding reception! This is the person who has the responsibility of introducing the wedding party, family and bride and groom to the guests at the reception. Making announcements, hosting traditions and pumping up the crowd! How that person speaks and relates to the audience makes a huge difference in their response. “The energy you put out is returned!”  At least, that’s the concept.

If a DJ sits in a chair and just makes monotone announcements devoid of energy the return response from the wedding guests are usually a muted welcome of the wedding party. Not that people need to be told to be excited at a wedding but sometimes it might take a bit of added inspiration? Why have cheerleaders or party motivators?  People sometimes require that extra push in order to get to the right level of enthusiasm.

This is certainly not a endorsement of unrefined MCs who scream into the microphone making out-of-control inarticulate announcements. The ultimate Master of Ceremonies combines a refined smooth delivery with charisma and enthusiasm.  And this is a learned discipline and only is perfected after lots and lots of practice!

Music In Motion‘s founder Mike Fernino has attended numerous speaking courses including the MC Workshop in Las Vegas and local group, Toast Masters which is a public speaking group who meet locally on a monthly basis.

“It’s all about being exceptional for my wedding couples. I owe them my absolute best and that’s why I continue my training and education as a MC!” stated by Mike sums up the concept behind continued training. A desire to provide the best service and not just get by with mediocrity. Clearly, the definition of Master is to…… “perfect one’s craft.”

Ask yourself, when booking your wedding DJ do you want a Master of Ceremonies or a DJ who simply makes announcements?