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Mike Fernino to headline at Lighting Symposium

Lighting_Symposium_3Mike Fernino, owner and founder of Music In Motion Entertainment will be hosting and headlining at a special clinic designed for education on lighting held April 15 & 16, 2014 in Minneapolis. The Lighting Symposium was the brainchild of Mike and along with Co-Founder Ben Stowe, owner of NLFX Professional in Bemidji Minnesota, they will host 42 attendees all thirsty for knowledge on lighting.

The lighting symposium is a diverse conglomerate of programming, design, marketing and education over a 2 day format with multiple instructors and major sponsors. The title sponsor is Chauvet DJ which is a major player in the lighting industry.

Durring the symposium attendees will learn how to program lighting using software, hang lighting safely from rigging, design like a pro, and create atmosphere using a variety of projected images. It’s just a total experience for someone who is interested in become a lighting designer and not just a Disc Jockey who happens to offer lighting.

Mike Fernino is uniquely qualified to provide lighting for your special day. He is not just a top of the line DJ and MC, but also a trained and practiced lighting designer who, along with a fantastic staff of professionals will create “MAGIC”  for your special event! Remember, there is a huge difference from a DJ who offers lighting and a real lighting designer.