Connecticut Wedding DJ

Monogram Magic!


Many couples look to personalize their wedding receptions. One fabulous option is with a lighted monogram. This form of lighting is created two different ways.

The first option is with a steel gobo. “Gobo” is short term for “Go Between” and represents the position of the metal disc that is inserted into a projector. Light is forced through the steel disc and the image pops out the lens, projected onto a floor, wall or ceiling area. Of course, using a steel gobo has some limitations as far as design element.

The second option is with a jpeg graphic image which are expertly created for Music In Motion Entertainment by The jpeg is created and sized with software and a white monogram image placed against a black background so just the main monogram gets projected. Music In Motion uses a state of the art projection device with 3500 lumens of power and DLP technology for the sharpest image possible.

On September 28, 2014 Vanessa and Willie Tucker held their reception at the Riverview of Simsbury CT. Music In Motion was hired to provide uplighting and monogram services. The room was stunning with the monogram placed prominently on the ceiling so the first thing wedding guests saw when they entered the hall was our couple’s names. What an amazing impression and along with the architectural uplighting created the perfect setting for an awesome celebration!