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Music In Motion creates NEW “Enhancement” lighting Package!

Architectural_Lighting_3Let’s face it, just about every wedding facility in the state of Connecticut has been trying to add architectural lighting lately and make a pretty profit from it. The architectural LED lighting phenomenon has become to new “norm” when it comes to room decor. LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lighting allows color changing and mixing to create a stunning atmosphere in any room!

The only problem is that caterers know food and service. They don’t know lighting, not like a seasoned professional lighting engineer or entertainment service that specializes in room decor and has studied its proper application and installation. As a result, many facilities have inadequate/weak  lighting presentations and no technician who understands the concept of DMX computer programming for customization of colors and scenes. Many times the bride and groom will be given a limited choice of red, green, blue or yellow. That’s it, and the room remains the same color all night.

Certain wedding facilities have even gone as far as prohibiting outside providers from bringing in their own lighting, forcing the bride and groom to pay THEM for the use of their in-house lighting. Cutting out the professional who has invested heavily and perfected their craft in lighting design. To this issue, we offer a solution:

Music In Motion Entertainment of Seymour CT has created a new lighting package called “enhancements” which does just that. We bring in our wireless/battery powered state of the art lighting to enhance the already pre-installed lighting and bring what is average to extraordinary! We fill in all the voids where the caterer did not add lighting and wake up a room which is dull with amateur fixtures that simply don’t have the needed power output or color clarity as ours does.

This Music In Motion enhancement lighting package can’t be turned away by a caterer because the bride and groom still use the facility’s pre-installed lighting, we just make it better….. much better!!!  Our goal is to bring a “WOW” effect to all of our events. This enhancement lighting package clearly solves the problem of amateur lighting and brings the theater element to any of our clients. Remember, you choose a facility for their food, service and location……. not their lighting. Let the professionals handle that.