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Music In Motion Announces NEW Live Stream for Weddings

April 29: Music In Motion Entertainment makes announcement about a new program for our clients regarding a Live Stream service.

COVID-19 has tremendously impacted the private events industry. Currently, the entire events industry is shut down with no gatherings of 10 or more allowed.

What private events like weddings and mitzvahs will look like when we do return is not yet understood but what we can speculate is that there will probably be limitations on the amount of guests you can have attend. Additionally, many older guests may elect not to attend until a vaccine is readily available. Understanding the bitterness our clients will experience of not having family members attend their event we have come up with a solution that will be the next best thing.

Working from home has become the norm and Live Streaming is all the rage right now. With current technologies showing effectiveness in connecting people through virtual platforms we make the following offering……

Music In Motion Entertainment now will be offering a Live Stream of your wedding or private event. A professional video/camera person will stream your event live allowing the home user to watch in real time. Additionally, they can leave messages, comment and offer well wishes.

Part of this package will include a pre-event tutorial that will be provided to your guests utilizing the service. This will guarantee everyone will be prepared to accept the live stream without any issues. Package rates are not yet available but it is expected to be less than the fees associated with a traditional videographer service which records and edits your event for playback. The live stream will be a one time documentation of your event in real time for guests to view from their homes.

Contact Mike Fernino at Music In Motion Entertainment for more information regarding possibly adding this innovative service onto your event! 203-627-9600  Extraordinary times require extraordinary response and adaptation. This is one way to include everyone for your special event.