Connecticut Wedding DJ

How Neat is your DJ?

Bottom-Feeder-DJs-250x187The mark of a professional is the first impression. You can tell instantly when someone takes pride in what they do, and someone who is just trying to make an extra buck. In the mobile entertainment industry (DJs for short), there are unfortunately many unqualified choices. So many in fact, that the novice DJ outnumbers the professional 3-1.

Many people find out after it is too late. When the names of the bridal party are all mispronounced, or the dance floor is empty, or the DJ says inappropriate things over the microphone causing embarrassment to you and your guests. And most of this can be avoided with one simple technique. Ask to see photos of the entertainer.

Usually, when a DJ has a neat, professional set-up and aesthetically correct presentation, he takes pride in his/her work. If they take pride in their work, they often will be someone you would want to do business with.

Key things to look for:

  • How is the entertainer dressed? This is a major indicator of a professional.
  • Is the equipment thrown on a table top or is it neatly organized behind a presentation facade?
  • Does the DJ use bold colors in his/her set-up that would be a distraction. Tacky is a word I would use here. If the DJ looks cheesy, they often are cheesy.
  • Are wires hidden, or neatly taped down? This is a area that must be important to someone hiring a DJ. If wires are exposed and un-taped, not only are they unsightly, but a hazard. Accidents can and do happen when wires are not taped down. Can you say “lawyer?”

Use your first impression instincts. More times than not, your first hunch is the correct one. Always look for someone who is neat because that is a clear indicator of a professional.