Connecticut Wedding DJ

Why New Year’s Eve is a great night to have a wedding

The setting was Birchwood’s in Woodbridge CT. The atmosphere was very festive. Of course, it was New Year’s Eve and there was a wedding going on! What a fun night to have a wedding!

New Year’s Eve can have its positive benefits and also negative drawbacks. Let’s explore the negative drawbacks first……

Sometimes, a guest might feel like they have to chose between your event and a different party that might be a more attractive option. Also, you will most likely pay more for services like flowers, food, photography and entertainment. New Year’s Eve is traditionally a night considered for rate increases. Also keep in mind the obvious. You’re going to be up late.  Those are the negatives. Now for the positives……

You can almost guarantee that all of the guests will be staying til at least midnight. It’s a special and memorable night. Guests are usually fired up to be out celebrating with you on your BIG night! New Year’s Eve allows for flair. You can go extra sparkly with your wedding dress and bridal party outfits. You can really let it all hang out with decorations and flowers. And don’t forget the BIG splash at midnight. Confetti, streamers and even a live broadcast of Time’s Square projected up on the wall can leave a festive impression.

As a professional DJ with Music In Motion Entertainment  it always has been my experience that weddings on New Year’s Eve are extra packed jammed with enthusiasm. So maybe that in itself is the best reason to consider this night for your wedding.

Happy New Year!!!