Connecticut Wedding DJ

It’s not about price – It’s about the journey!

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 6.00.11 PMMany times each day the phone rings here at Music In Motion Entertainment and the first thing asked from a potential new client is, ” what is your price? ” While that is a key question I would like to explain why that is NOT the correct question to ask as your initial inquiry.

The entertainment for an event as significant as a wedding is a key component to how your event will be remembered by your guests.  The guests will not remember or even care about the flowers, the chair covers or even the bride’s dress. The bride ultimately cares about those things, and so she should, but the guests really only care about the food and whether or not they have fun! If you had to choose one of the two options as most import I would argue that the majority of people would choose having fun over a great meal. FUN!!!

That’s why brides and groom’s spend tens of thousands of dollars on their wedding, they want to have fun! And the foundation to the bride and groom having fun are the guests having fun. Let’s face it, will a bride have a blast at her wedding if no one is up and dancing and even leaving early due to lack of interest? What is the piece of the wedding puzzle that creates the fun? You guessed it…… The entertainment!!!

Now, can we all agree that when you book entertainment for your event you are booking a person. A living, breathing organism with personality, voice, smile, mannerism and charisma. Or not !!! Some DJs JUST play music and offer no personality or master of ceremonies skill what so ever. Some DJs lack music programming skill and still others have inferior equipment that is not appropriate for your special event. Factor all of that into the equation and then ask yourself this? Why would PRICE be the first question out of your mouth when contacting a DJ for their information???

We can also probably agree that a car will have 4 tires, a steering wheel and will get us from point A to point B. Yes, all cars should perform that service to the owner however it is the style, comfort,  and quality of the ride which will make some people drop down $75,000 or more for a vehicle vs a base model starting at $16,000. If cars were all the same then you could simply ask, ” what’s the price? ” Then buy the lowest priced car.

We spend extra on a car because it is the JOURNEY which we want enhanced. Not a basic ride but a luxurious ride with comfort and style. And let’s not forget the key motivating factor? ” You are what you drive! ”  That’s right, you want to impress people!!! So then, if that statement is true you must also agree that this statement is equally valid:

” Your wedding will be remembered based on the quality of the entertainment. “

I have included some questions to use as the initial questions when interviewing with your DJ and/or Band. These questions are 1000 times more important than “what’s your price.”

  1. Tell me what makes you uniquely qualified to perform at my event?
  2. What is your experience level?
  3. Do you have references, videos and/or endorsements we can review?
  4. Do you offer face to face meetings. Do you have an office to meet at?
  5. What are your back up plans in the event of emergencies?
  6. Have you played at my facility before and do you have footage working there?
  7. Are you insured and are you a member of any trade organizations?
  8. Do you commit via contract and obligate yourself personally on the contract?
  9. Are you willing to customize your approach to accommodate our style?
  10. OK, you sound great! What are your rates and packages???

So, the price question was #10 on my list. Certainly, the other questions 1-9 are more important because if those questions are not answered to your satisfaction, price matters NOT. Remember, on your wedding you don’t want to get stuck with a lemon. Your ride should be one of luxury making the journey as special and smooth as can be.