Connecticut Wedding DJ

Overtime Is NOT A Guarantee

Overtime is often a spontaneous decision that is a direct result from people having fun and not wanting to end the party. This is usually directly related to the DJ showing gusts a fantastic time. I can’t imagine it’s because of the caterer and wedding guests saying that they wanted to continue looking at the decor’.

With that said, the caterer controls whether or not overtime can happen as it is their house and their rules which apply.

Recently, at a wedding held at the Heritage Inn located in Southbury Connecticut I was asked by my bride to extend over 1 hour as the guests were having a blast! She told me that her father was extending the Heritage Inn by 1 hour and asked if my staff would stay as well. We agreed, with pleasure so she asked me to announce to the wedding guests that we were adding on 1 hour to the reception.

I was immediately called over to the corner by the banquet manager, who very unpleasantly told me that the Heritage Inn would NOT extend overtime to the event. It was not their policy to offer spontaneous overtime.

My bride was very disappointed as her wedding would have certainly continued without missing a beat. So, word to the wise. If you are planning a wedding and think there is even the slimmest chance of the reception going overtime, please check with your facility and familiarize yourself with their policies. Some facilities will be very accommodating and offer the OT for a fee. Fees can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands, so you want to know this information in advance. Never assume anything!

The Heritage Hotel required overtime notice 1 week in advance of the wedding. If she knew this my client might have considered adding the extra time.

( For the record, it’s a bad policy! Boo to Heritage Inn )

To correct the previous announcement about the reception going overtime, I got on the microphone and told everyone that the after reception would move upstairs into the hotel lounge. It was a hotel so we were able to make that arrangement.

To sum it up, be aware of all house rules and policy because overtime is NOT guaranteed.