Connecticut Wedding DJ

Personalize YOUR event with a monogram

Monogram_10Lighting has become very much a huge part of wedding receptions. Gone are the days of spinning, blinking, tacky DJ effects. The “BIG” thing right now is a classic approach with theater style color wash lighting. It can add romance and elegance to any ballroom. Especially rooms with neutral decors. Architectural lighting has greatly changed the way brides and grooms decorate. Some of my clients even go without flowers in lieu of lighting. It can really reflect the couples personality and make for a custom approach.

There is no more personal effect than a monogram, otherwise known as a gobo. “Gobo” is short for “go between”. It is a metal disc which is etched using a laser. The names of the bride and groom can be projected onto the dance floor using a high intensity lighting system. Another means of producing the monogram is through a computer jpeg creation and displayed with a high definition projector. This also allows for colors and even more intricate design.

When guests enter your ballroom, the image is the first thing they will notice, right in the center of the dance floor or the wall. It is a fabulous way to reflect your individual personality and make a statement in the process. Not to mention a tremendous personal touch for a first dance or decore’. If you are looking for an edge, consider monogram lighting. It can be as unique as you are!