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Photo Booth attendant – Out to lunch?

Photo-Booth-Closed1-150x200Ever since Music In Motion entered the Photo Booth business, we have paid close attention to the “other” photo booth companies out there. One of the things I see a lot is 3 -4 hours of service, even though a wedding is 5 hours.

This past weekend, we provided DJ and lighting for a wedding reception that hired an out of state photo booth company. After speaking with the representative from the company, I realized that my client paid about $500 more than Music In Motion would have charged them for their booth. That was not the key issue. During dinner time, the photo booth attendant hung a sign on the booth that said, “closed for 1 hour.”

The 1 hour period just so happened to be dinner time when most of the wedding guests were going up to the bar and could have taken their photos. Rather than working, the photo booth attendant sat down to eat a full 4 course dinner, (complete with drinks of the alcoholic kind.) After dinner, the booth was opened up, but then so was the dance floor. Guests were now torn between dancing and taking their photos.

With Music In Motion Entertainment, our photo booth package includes a full 5 hours of uninterrupted service to the wedding guests. Having the extra 1 hour gives every guest the opportunity to get a photo strip and not have to stand in a long line after dinner, when they should be dancing.

If you are thinking of a photo booth for your wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or corporate event, you will find many options for providers. Just make sure you get 5 hours of service if you have a 5 hour event. Would you hire a DJ for a 5 hour reception who provides only 4 hours of service?  Think about what you are paying for and what you are getting… or NOT getting.