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Some Photo Booths Don’t “Measure” Up

Tent Photo BoothWhen booking a Photo Booth it is imperative for the customer to know the size of the set up. Is it a real style photo booth, a back drop area or a tent? Many Photo Booth providers have NOT gone out and invested in real authentic photo booths, but rather use a pop up tent.              Walmart = $59.99

It’s not that the tent won’t get the job done but they take up a huge area and look terrible at your event. Why spend all that money to book a fabulous facility with beautiful room appointments only to sour the whole look with a monstrosity like a pop up tent?

Music In Motion Entertainment Photo Booths are authentic and contemporary. They are elegantly designed to blend into the surroundings rather than stand out. Best of all, a Music In Motion Photo Booth only takes up a 8X6 area leaving the caterer with plenty more space to use for your event.

When booking a photo booth, always ask the dimensions and the style. Demand to see actual photos of the booth all set up at an event. If the provider dances around the request, move on. Let’s face it, some Photo Booths just don’t “measure” up.