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The Problems with planning wedding music on YouTube


“The YOUTUBE generation” is now getting married. The 25-35  y/o crowd that is currently out there planning weddings is attached to YouTube from the hip. It is a constant source of entertainment, investigation and research for millions. In fact, YouTube is the #2 search engine just behind Google, which owns YouTube. But, did you know the issues associated with using YouTube for music searches? Let’s explore……

YouTube is a streaming service that uses the web to broadcast. There are endless songs loaded onto YouTube. The problem is that nothing is legally downloadable. If you want to hear a song, you have to stream it and depending on your internet access the song may play completely, and it may not!

Many times record companies will use YouTube as a promotional mechanism to get new music out. Artists have also posted songs on YouTube that are not available anywhere else. Even movie songs and hard to find clips are available. The problem is that these songs are not available for legal download anywhere on the web.

At Music In Motion Entertainment we have many clients who will use YouTube to find wedding music. Specifically specialty pieces, like a father/daughter dance or maybe a specific version of a classical piece that they may want for the wedding ceremony. If you use YouTube as a music search for wedding playlist, the best thing to do is verify if the song can be found on ITunes, Amazon or another legal download site. More times than not, your DJ will be unable to purchase the song and then is left with some precarious decisions.

You don’t want a DJ to stream a song live over a computer or Iphone, especially if it is a crucial piece of music like for a first dance or parent dance. Sometimes the stream will even contain spoken words deliberately added to prevent music piracy and the result is embarrassment for all involved, specifically the DJ.

YouTube may be a great place to research music but it is not the final solution into finding the perfect song. Always make sure you reference with legal download sites first before requesting music from a DJ and always verify that he/she has it in their library or can get the music in a legal manner.