Connecticut Wedding DJ

The race to book wedding vendors is on!

Its about to get real! The race to book up wedding vendors for the 2020-2021 wedding season. What does that mean? If you are currently engaged and have NOT reserved the primary wedding services like photographer, videographer and DJ you may still have time to get them booked. But, you are about to be joined by thousands of new competitors.

It’s just about engagement season once again! That season has been determined as the period of time from Christmas to Valentine’s Day.

In that short 2 month period of time about 70% of all engagements will happen. So, the market is flooded with excited newly engaged couples who are probably much more motivated than couples who have been engaged for a good period of time. And thus, this is why so many bridal shows are scheduled for January and February.

In the Connecticut / New England area there are dozens of bridal shows every weekend during the winter season. Vendor website statistics balloon with hits and according to the Knot it is peak season for them with traffic up 70-85% during the months of January – March. So, if you are currently engaged what does this mean to you?

If you are still in need of professional wedding vendors you are in a competition pool of X amount of engaged couples pre-holiday. After New Years that X-pool will triple! And many of those couples have that newly-engaged excitement which can be very motivating for going out and grabbing up a wedding team of pros.

So, armed with this knowledge if you need to book a great DJ, or photographer or even a wedding venue it’s time to get cracking and shop for more than just Christmas gifts!

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