Connecticut Wedding DJ

The RIGHT lighting can add Romance to your special event

Architectural_Lighting_114Lighting  is a key component to emotion. It is scientifically proven that certain colors not only stimulate the brain, but also enhance the emotional response. The right lighting can take a beautiful room and turn it into an unforgettable room. Lighting can also make a remarkably dull atmosphere into an electric event. Lighting can even break the ice and make your guests feel more like dancing. It clearly is a great enhancement to any event, especially a wedding reception.

Using state of the art wireless lighting, Music In Motion Entertainment consistently delivers gorgeous results for our clients. We also use computer control to design a lighting presentation that will meet anyone’s standards and expectations.

It is usually recommended to start out with one color that will not change until dancing is ready to commence. Pick a color that matches your theme or personally. Maintaining a color without change is known as “Static.”

Many couples are choosing to have Architectural Lighting rather than floral centerpieces. Certainly, it leaves a major impression on all who view your room.  It’s a wonderful touch to make a wedding reception something extra special.

Let’s face it, what will provide the “WOW” effect more often? Flowers on a table or room lighting? Lighting wins almost every time. So, if you are looking for the right atmosphere, consider architectural lighting done by a professional and you will automatically add romance to YOUR special event.